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Beginning to End Ring

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This delicate hammered wrap ring is a reminder that God is forever faithful, not just sometimes faithful. From the beginning of your journey all the way to the end, you can count on His goodness and His faithfulness. Sometimes when God has spoken a word, given a promise, or asks us to step out and try something new we feel energized and empowered by His word to us in the beginning, but as the journey begins and carries on, we soon find ourselves questioning and wondering if He's left us to do it alone or if we even heard Him in the first place. Let this ring be a reminder that if He said it; He will do it, if He called you; He will equip you. Stay faithful where you are and do what you can with what you have. Keep your faith alive and your hopes up. Listen for Him and stay close to Him. Hold the vision and trust the process. He's never left your side.